Green Mustard Sauce

Medieval chefs were not just cooks tossing food on sops, but they were artists. Creating palate tempting dishes using the best they employers could afford. Often the historical households accounts show that the vast bulk of the expenses were in acquiring exotic spices, herbs, and fresh meats from a distance.
From Food and Drink in Medieval Poland comes a colorful sauce… Green Mustard Sauce.

½ cup (125 ml) prepared Dijon-style mustard (grainy type)
¼ cup (60ml) honey
¼ cup (60ml) red Hungarian wine*
2 tbsp olive oil (Greek if available)
½ tsp anise seed ground to a powder
½ tsp salt
2 cups chopped parsley leaves
1 tsp course ground pepper

Combine the mustard, honey, wine, and olive oil in a mixing bowl. Add anise and salt, then the parsley. Pour into a blender and puree until it attains the thickness of a pesto. Pour into a bowl, stir in pepper, and serve at room temperature. This sauce should be eaten the same day it is made.
It goes well with beef, pork or chicken.

Food and Drink in Medieval Poland : Rediscovering a Cuisine of the Past by Maria Dembiñska. Translated by Magdalena Thomas. Revised and Adapted by William Woys

  • If Hungarian red wine is unavailable use any available sweet red wine.

  • D.O. Neslund 02/27/2020
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